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I am a backpack tourist. I have actually been traveling for the past 5 years as an independent volunteer and full time traveler. My goal is to share my experiences, pointers and tricks with travel companions so that they can gain from them too! Learn more ...


My name is Nicki and this blog has to do with everything related to take a trip: what makes it unique, how you must treat your travels like organization trips, why some individuals hesitate of taking their very first trip abroad, just how much cash will in fact be needed on any offered budget plan, and so on.


It's not simply another "travel" or "backpacking" blog site - there's no need to get thrilled about these subjects if you don't wish to read about them here:-RRB- If you're looking for motivation prior to venturing out, then this may assist you decide whether going solo was actually the right choice after all;-RRB- This is also where I monitor places visited worldwide.