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Brooklyn At a Glance

Quick Facts and Everything You Need to Know About Brooklyn New York.

The city of Brooklyn is an independent area located in the state of New York, part of the Kings County. Brooklyn is the biggest city in New York and brings a significant quantity of visitors every year for their popular websites and local celebrations. Because of that, we've rounded up a few enjoyable facts about the city of Brooklyn you need to understand!

History & Etymology

Called is derived from the initial Dutch colonial name Breuckelen, Brooklyn has an abundant origin background from being developed in 1634 during the tail end of settlement civilizations to its establishment into the United States in 1776 and its status today as an independent town. From the celebrations and events that the city hosts on a regular basis, to the spectacular local restaurants and bars both the locals and travelers like, Brooklyn is house to a diverse people and elaborate culture and history.


Population Statistics and Figures on Geography

With an acreage of 70.82 sq mi and a water location of 26 sq mi, Brooklyn holds a grand population of 2,648,452. Ranking 1st in the state of New York, the city of Brooklyn is made of a highly varied mix of individuals, coming from all walks of life and histories. And with JFK just a ways off from the heart of the city, it's not stunning that John F. Kenney Airport discovers hundreds and thousands of individuals reoccuring into Brooklyn every day, whether for service or enjoyment.


Culture and Popular Establishments

Originating from a sophisticated history as a city and part of the state of New York, Brooklyn hosts a lot of the finest dining establishments and world-renowned hotels. Check out our Top 5 lists of the city's best dining experiences and fanciest hotel rooms for when you're in Brooklyn. And while you're here in the location, you may as well check out some of Brooklyn's a lot of popular landmarks to take advantage of your journey here, like the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and The City Reliquary. Whether you're an art enthusiast, wish to take pleasure in a good day out in the park, or want to take your kids to see and learn more about animals in the zoo, Brooklyn has got the location for you!

After that, if you would like to relax and delight in a chill night in, you can look at a few of the city's most notable bars and joints to get a bit of downtime and relaxation after a long day. If you time your holiday perfect, you may even be able to capture among our annual celebrations and unique events. You could even catch a game or 2 at Barclays Center while you're in town! Whether you come here routinely for work or are checking out on a vacation, we're sure you'll enjoy your stay at Brooklyn.

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